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This is the end/beautiful friend/this is the end/my only friend,the end/of our elaborateplans,
the end/of everything that stands the end/no safety or surprise, the end/i'll never look into
your eyes---again/can you picture what will be/so limitless and free/desperately in need---of
some---stranger's hand/in a---desperate hand/lost in a roman---wilderness of pain/and all the
childre are insane/all the childre are insane/wailting for the summer rain,yeah/there's dange
on the edge of  town/ride the king's highway, baby/weird scenes inside the gold mine/ride the
highway west, baby/ride the snake, ride the snake/to the lake,the aicient lake, baby/the snake
is long,seven miles/ride the snake---he's old,and his skin is cold/the west is best/the west is
best/get here,and we'll do the rest/ the blue bus is callin' us/ the blue bus is callin' us/driver,
where you taken'us/the killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on/he took a face form the
ancient gallery/and he walked on down the hall/ he went into the room where his sister lived,
and---then he/paid a visit to his brother,and then he/he walked on down the hall,and/and he
come to a door---and he looked inside/father,yes son , iwant to kill you/mother---
i want to

                                                                                               ----jim morrison

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